Do I need to be seen prior to my colonoscopy?
Yes all patients need to be evaluated prior to the procedure to assess risks. We will also evaluate you to see if the procedure is necessary and if other medical problems mandate that the examination be done in the hospital.

I am throwing up my prep. What do I do?

Stop the prep for 30-60minutes and drink it slower next time. If this doesn’t work, call the on-call doctor. Try refrigerating the prep which makes it slightly more tolerable.

Does my driver need to stay with me during the entire procedure or can they drop me off and come back later?

Your driver needs to stay in the office the entire time you are having your procedure.

What do I do about my diabetic medications if I am having a procedure?

Call your primary doctor or endocrinologist regarding holding your medications the night before the procedure and the day of your procedure.

What kind of food can I eat the day before my colonoscopy procedure?

Eat a clear liquid diet. EG: Jello -(no red or purple), broth, gatorade, coffee or tea (no dairy) clear juices and sodas, crystal light

If I don’t completely finish my bowel prep (if I throw up), can I still come in for my colonoscopy procedure?

Yes.  As long as you get enough down to start having frequent watery bowel movements, the prep should be adequate.

Should I take my high blood pressure and/or heart medicines the morning of the procedure?

Yes. You should take all hypertension and cardiac medications at your usual times with a small amount of water. If you take a diuretic or water pill, don’t take that the morning of the procedure.

Can I eat the day of my procedure?


How long will it take to do the procedure?

In general, for colonoscopy or upper endoscopy you should expect to be 2-3 hours door to door. This includes check-in, procedure, and recovery.

When can I eat after my procedure?

You can generally eat immediately afterwards. Occasionally there is mild nausea from the sedative medications, and so you may not have a full appetite until the following day.

I am experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort from my procedure. Whom should I speak with?

You can call the GI endoscopy unit at (856) 848-4464 to speak with one of the GI endoscopy nurses or physicians. If you are having severe pain, you should call us first and then go to the emergency room.

Can I drive myself home after receiving sedation?

Absolutely not. You MUST have a family member or friend drive you home, or accompany you home if taking the bus or a taxi.

How long until I can drive again?

If you receive sedation, you cannot drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery until the next day.

Can I work out or go to work right after my procedure? If not, how long do I need to wait?

If you receive sedation for your procedure, you should plan to rest for the remainder of the day. You should be able to resume all of your usual activities the next day.

Do you accept my insurance?
You must call our billing department.

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